Dr.  Terrance  Weik

Dr. Terrance Weik

Terrance Weik received his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and his graduate degrees from the University of Florida (1995, 2002). Dr. Weik chose a career in archaeology in order to explore African diasporan cultural origins, freedom seeking initiatives, struggles with inequalities, and social identities. Outside ofacademia, Weik’s career has involved brief interludes in Cultural Resource Management, and private consultation (museums, nonprofits, and government agencies). Weik is a historical archaeologist who takes an anthropological, diaspora approach to Africans in the Americas. His research methods employ multiple lines of evidence such as documents, oral history, geophysics, GISdata, and material culture. Weik’s earliest research involved Africans who escaped from slavery in Florida as well as Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. http://artsandsciences.sc.edu/anth/terrance-weik