Angie  Cartwright

Angie Cartwright

At the tender age of five, Angie found her baby sister Erica dead. From that point forward, Angie watched her mother struggle in a society that was afraid of, and didn't understand, grief. Thus began a lifelong relationship with loss and sorrow that that would also include losing both a grandfather and uncle to suicide, her newlywed husband in a horrific car crash, and the tragic death of her mother who died of an unintended drug overdose in 2010. Fueled by all her losses, Angie set out to change how our culture understands and views grief. In 2010 Angie founded Grief the Unspoken. She also founded National Grief Awareness Day to help educate and raise awareness about the lifelong impact of grief, Angie, with Lynda Cheldelin Fell, has written a workbook for grievers called My Grief Diary, and created Grief Diaries Radio Show & Grief Diaries: On the Road.