Elisa Jordan

Elisa Jordan is a journalist and historian in Southern California, where her family has lived for 100 years. Elisa has been a Marilyn Monroe fan for 35 years and has spent that time researching her life, career and legacy. She currently serves as the Marilyn Monroe expert on two websites, has written extensively about the actress, been invited to lecture about Marilyn’s life and has given interviews to international news outlets. In 2012, she founded L.A. Woman Tours, a company that specializes in giving tours of L.A.’s most iconic artists, including Marilyn Monroe. The critically acclaimed Marilyn’s Hollywood tour is an in-depth study of the city’s most famous hometown girl and covers all areas of Marilyn’s life, including her childhood, family, adolescence, loves, rise to fame, career, lifestyle, death and commonly believed untruths, which are corrected. A portion of the tour’s proceeds is donated to Hollygrove.