Bonnie  Benjamin-Phariss

Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss

Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, Managing Director of ProSocial, brings three decades of experience as an award-winning production executive with a proven track record of using storytelling to change opinions and lead people to action. She has worked with the film industry’s greatest brands and creative leaders, including Disney, CNN, HBO, PBS and National Geographic. ProSocial is a strategy consulting and management firm in the business of high‐impact social change, using innovative, multi‐platform campaigns to shape public engagement around a variety of issues. Prior to ProSocial, Bonnie oversaw Vulcan Productions documentary projects for 14 years, the independent film production company of Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen. Prior to that, Bonnie spent seven years as Manager of Creative Development and Business Administration at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. Bonnie began her career as Director of Research and Development for public affairs programming for WNET in New York.