Teresa  Bergman

Teresa Bergman

Teresa Bergman obtained her Ph.D. in American Cultural and Film Studies from the University of California, Davis. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and a former documentary filmmaker. Her research incorporates an interdisciplinary methodology that includes rhetoric, documentary film theory, ethnography, and critical/cultural studies. These varied theoretical approaches help to illuminate the intersection of location, memory, museum exhibits, and documentary film. Her book, “Exhibiting Patriotism: Creating and Contesting Interpretations of American Historic Sites” won the 2013 Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Book of the Year Award. She is currently writing her next book, “Commemorating Women: Contemporary Patriotic Memorials in the United States,” for Left Coast Press, due in December 2016. She will be analyzing five memorial sites dedicated to women.