Roger  Gorman

Roger Gorman

Roger Gorman has been described as having ‘idea tourettes’ and is passionate about where technology and psychology meet. As the founder and CEO of, Roger enjoys supporting a number of globally impactful social causes, and lecturing. The big Idea: is an internal knowledge exchange for companies and communities. It is a unique and new way to connect what we know and who we know. As such it supports a new era of hyper-connectivity across the world. With a complement of their data discovery engine, matching algorithms and gamification, the platform enables data-driven serendipity around companies and networks. This transforms traditional companies into agile flat firms. ProFinda is designed to empower the workforce of the future. Roger was honored last month at Davos as a top three global entrepreneur. He is the proud winner of The Mitie Millions, winner of the UCL Innovation award and the UnLimited award, a charity supporting social entrepreneurs.