Moni  Castaneda

Moni Castaneda

Moni Castaneda is the founder of Feng Shui For Us™ and the creator of the Nine Steps To Feng Shui® System. Her mission is to remove the confusion around Feng Shui and bring clear understanding to the art of Feng Shui so everyone can benefit. Moni partnered with vibrational healer Bill Austin to develop Angelic Feng Shui Training™, a healing modality based on angelic frequencies. Angelic Feng Shui Training™ seeks to create beautiful and harmonious energetic spaces in the present moment and can be used to clear the energetic spaces of the home and business, as well as the energetic spaces of the person. Born and raised in Ecuador (South America) Moni earned her degree in Architecture before moving to the United States where she lives with her husband, two sons and one auspicious cat.