Zane B.  Stein

Zane B. Stein

Zane B. Stein has been involved with astrology since 1969. The year 1977 brought a whole new dimension to his astrological career with the discovery of a new minor planet, Chiron, which Zane began studying only weeks later. In 1978 he organized the Association for Studying Chiron (ASC) which began collecting data and information about Chiron research from astrologers the world over. Zane is considered the leading authority on Chiron. His groundbreaking book Essence and Application: A View from Chiron revolutionized modern astrology and is still the most widely read text on the subject. Zane’s articles on various centaurs have appeared in a number of astrological publications. He is currently seeking to unravel the meanings of other Centaurean bodies, trans-Neptunians, and some of the more unique asteroids. Zane has a private astrological practice in Spearwood, Western Australia. He and his wife Lynette Malone teach astrology classes at their Chariklo School of Archetypal Astrology.