John Parks  Trowbridge M.D.

John Parks Trowbridge M.D.

Dr. Trowbridge is the author of "The Yeast Syndrome," a Bantam Books bestseller since 1986. He was the first physician to serve as president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. A specialist in several treatment modalities in integrative medicine, he has served as a president or director of numerous professional associations and has lectured to physicians around the world on how to help people feel dramatically better. He is recognized as a leader in the field of chelation therapy, the specialty of removing toxic heavy metals that cause inflammation leading to degenerative diseases of all kinds. Mercury from "silver fillings" is one of the most damaging toxic metals needing to be removed. Dr. Trowbridge welcomes new patients with lingering diseases for which no doctors have provide relief or improvements, at his north Houston suburban office. His website,, features 5 dozen DVDs, CDs, books, and brochures on various illness