Martin  Vert

Martin Vert

Martin Vert, also known to thousands of people as Marty the Motivator has over 25 years of experience in the diet industry. Marty worked for NutriSystems, and was a writer for Jenny Craig’s as a special task force trainer, He's opened Jenny Craig centers Worldwide. Marty used his experience to create a lifestyle transformation. His ebook itrueu and workbook are a consolidation of his experience with real people and his own experiences in losing and maintaining a weight loss of a 100 pounds. “I’m that guy who has lost 5000 pounds in my life”, Marty teaches a lifetime of dieting leads to the diet industry thriving as we are left looking for an answer to our weight problem. Never blaming the diet, always ourselves! The answer has always been there and no one knows better than Marty how to get you in the right frame of mind in that it is only about YOU! Its all about loving yourself right now!