Earl  Cahill

Earl Cahill

Earl Cahill is co-founder of the non-profit community development organization, Waves- of Hope, and co-owner of the eco-resort, El Coco Loco in Northern Nicaragua. Earl, a native of Kingston, Ontario Canada, studied social science at the University of Ottawa, where he met his future business partners Jamie Collum and Ben Orton. The three travelled together to Central America where they developed a deep connection to the culture and landscape of Nicaragua. This was the inspiration for the dream of building a small eco-resort with a focus on projects that benefit the local residents. This was in 2005; in 2009, the dream became a reality. Over the past 6 years more than $250,000 has been raised for the community through Waves of Hope and positive changes in education, health, and prosperity have been observed. Earl currently lives in the community of Manzano #1, Nicaragua with his wife and two young children. Their websites are www.waves-of-hope.com and www.cocolocoresort.com.