Patrick  McMillan

Patrick McMillan

Patrick McMillan is a children’s book author and founder of He is a speaker on the topic of happiness, “emotional literacy” and raising self-confident, optimistic and happy kids. Most importantly to Patrick is his role as a dedicated and loving dad to his sons. Patrick’s path to becoming the dad he wanted to be was very rocky and seemed “uphill all the way” because of struggles with the memories and emotional scars from his own unhappy and abusive childhood. On his own since the age of 15, Patrick had the belief that he may very likely repeat the cycle of abuse toward his own children. He was forced to face his fear head on after becoming a dad at 35. Realizing this was a life changing opportunity to “break the cycle” of emotionally abusive parenting, Patrick began his studies in emotional development and the “science of happiness.” He wrote his first book for children,"An Exercise in Happiness" now used in elementary school classrooms around the world.