Larry  Stolle

Larry Stolle

Larry Stolle, Sr. Director of Global Marketing for the automotive industry at SAP, has been in the automotive industry for over 45 years, beginning as an automobile technician, moving through roles in dealership fixed operations management before moving to and automotive manufacturer. While at the manufacturer, Larry held field service and sales positions before taking regional and corporate staff positions. He made the transition to information technology in 1988 and has held global leadership roles in IT at an OEM, IBM and SAP. At IBM, Larry led the automotive retail book of business and was deeply involved in the early days of telematics and remains so today. He holds a patent from his tenure at IBM for dealer to manufacturer communications. At SAP he has authored blogs and articles on telematics, its uses and potential value for quality, operational efficiency and safety. Larry’s work has been published in Motor World magazine. He has never stopped being a “car guy” though!