Brian  Ahearn

Brian Ahearn

Brian Ahearn, is a Senior Sales Consultant who specializes in applying influence and persuasion in everyday situations. He is one of only 20 individuals in the world who currently holds the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer® designation. This specialization in the psychology of persuasion was earned directly from Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. – the most cited living social psychologist in the world when it comes to the science of ethical persuasion. Brian provides persuasion training targeted at sales and customer service improvements. A cum laude graduate of Miami University, Brian has been in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years and a part of the State Auto Insurance Group since 1990. Brian writes a weekly blog called Influence PEOPLE which has readers in 200 countries. Influence PEOPLE was named one of the Top 30 Psychology Blogs of 2012 by the Online Psychology Degree Guide.