Henry  Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg has been an academic most of his working life. He is now the Cleghorn Porfessor of Management Studies as well as founding partner of CoachingOurselves.com. Professor Mintzberg devotes himself to writing and research – especially about managerial work, strategy formation, and forms of organizing. He has spent the past two decades, in collaboration with colleagues from Canada, England, France, India, Japan, and now China and Brazil, on developing new approaches to management education and development. He has published about 160 articles and 16 books. After spending his public life dealing with organizations, Professor Mintzberg spends his private life escaping from them. He escapes on a bicycle, up mountains, and in the Laurentian wilderness of Canada atop cross-country skis or in a canoe. He also likes to write short stories and hopes to publish a collection of them.