Michael  Brady

Michael Brady

Michael Brady is the co-founder and V.P. of Partners for Karmic Freedom, with a M.A. in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from Anitoch University. His psychotherapy and karmic astrology background make him an excellent life coach in soul/personality integration, hypnosis and past life regression. The Bradys’ book, THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD: A Baby Book for Your Inner Child, investigates the integration of mind, body and soul. “People are diverse and complicated, with conscious and unconscious aspects. The inner child exemplifies the unconscious at work, wreaking havoc on our holistic health through poor choices. When as adults we become good parents to that child, we live healthier, more conscious lives. The integration of child and adult resolves the mind – body paradigm. The other piece to that integration is our connection to our divine power source, or soul. Listening to and following our inner guidance is the key to having the will and determination to change our lives.”