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1/7/2016 fintech-2016-whats-next

FinTech 2016- What's next?

Breaking Banks Fintech
Today, Brett has Jim Marous, co-publisher of the Financial Brand and a Breaking Banks regular on the show to talk about expectations for 2016. Listen Now

12/10/2015 innovation-inside-banks

Innovation Inside Banks

Breaking Banks Fintech
The advantage of FinTechs is that they can usually respond to customer feedback and pivot quickly. They are considered more agile than big banks. Listen Now

10/29/2015 fintech-flourishing-in-latam

FinTech Flourishing in LatAm

Breaking Banks Fintech
FinTech in Latin America is much like social media- flourishing with lots of room to grow. Today, we are looking at our friends in the southern sphere to talk about growth and trends and differences among Latin American countries. Listen Now

7/30/2015 even-your-ipod-was-a-roboadvisor

Even your ipod was a roboadvisor

Breaking Banks Fintech
AI is augmenting our investment decisions in ways that we never imagined. And although it has been shown that computers can provide sounder Listen Now