Antonio Boyd

For more than 25 years, Antonio Boyd has worked in the ministry and the community. He served ten years as the Executive Director for HOPE worldwide programs in South Carolina and had oversight of 72 staff and 1,000 volunteers with an annual budget of 1.7 million dollars. Antonio also served as Director of Government and Community Affairs for HOPE worldwide programs in Africa and the Caribbean. He then was promoted to National Director of US Programs, Vice President of US Programs, Vice President of North American Programs and he now serves as Vice President and Director, Community Service Division at HOPE worldwide. In this role he oversees HOPE worldwide’s 118 Chapters in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. He manages over 35,353 volunteers in 14 countries, a headquarters staff of 10, a volunteer staff of 118, and a youth leadership council of 120. He serves on the Global Coordinating Council at HOPE worldwide with oversight in North America.