Mickal  Adler

Mickal Adler

Mickal Adler is manager of Adler’s Jewelry in New Orleans. He was a partner in a law practice before he came back to work for his family’s business, Adler’s Jewelry, more than a decade ago. Mickal is now part of a fourth generation of owners and operators of the business. Adler’s Jewelry Adler’s Jewelry started Coleman E. Adler I in 1898 as a manufacturing jewelry store on Royal Street in the historic French Quarter. It moved to Canal Street and has been in that location more than 100 years, where it has held its position as the leading jeweler in New Orleans and the Gulf South. Adler’s is a “special occasions” business with five separate departments: luggage, crystal, silver, home fashion, and jewelry. Talking points – from Mickal: • Founded in 1898, Adler’s is a fourth generation family-owned full-service manufacturing jewelry and gift retailer • Our family grew up retail. We live retail; we love retail • My personal mission is to empower the company to deliver happiness without limits • Honored to be considered a New Orleans tradition for gift giving, purveying the world’s finest brands and providing custom manufacturing • Gratefully involved and contributing to the community in which we live.