Steve  Cohen

Steve Cohen

James H. Cohen and Sons, Inc. is a dealer in rare coins, currency, antique arms, and armor, operating on Royal Street in the New Orleans French Quarter since 1898. It was his great grandfather’s business. He is fourth generation in the business. He also went to law school and practiced law before coming back to the business. Talking points – from Steve: • Dealer in collectibles such as: rare coins and currency, antique arms and armor • Owned and operated by 3rd, 4th and 5th generations in the same Royal Street building where the family business began in 1898 • Client base includes many generations from the same families. We often “let” our good clients warehouse our good merchandise for us, often buying items back after many years • People regularly bring collectibles to our store for us to evaluate and authenticate. The condition of a coin or other item usually determines its value and that is something that the general public can’t do • James H. Cohen and Stephen M. Cohen are both Red Book Contributors, invited to help establish prices for rare coins in the highest regarded annual publication of the industry • We have served as expert witnesses and have been called upon to divide collections among estate heirs • We have a long list of unique, unusual and special items that have passed through our doors