Brandon  Perron

Brandon Perron

Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER is an award winning nationally recognized American private investigator. He is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, Certified Forensic Interviewer, and has been qualified as an "Expert in criminal investigation". Mr. Perron has over 34 years of investigative experience serving as a U.S. Air Force Criminal Investigator, State of Florida Public Defender Investigator, civil & human rights investigator, licensed private investigator, training curriculum developer, instructor, author and motivational speaker. He is recognized as one of the nation's foremost investigators, trainers, and speakers in the area of criminal defense investigation. Mr. Perron authored the industry acclaimed books Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method, Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery: The FTER Method - A Forensic Approach to the Interview as well as a novel The Quest For Truth.