Jessie  Nolop

Jessie Nolop

Mrs. Nolop is Director of Business and Sales, co-founder and partner of Whispering Dreams. She has created product packaging, acquired accounts and co-wrote What Color is Your Tooth Fairy? Mrs. Nolop has had over 10 years experience in sales and marketing. Her knowledge in sales and accounting will contribute to building The Tooth Fairy Glass into a successful and worldwide product. Prior to Whispering Dreams Mrs. Nolop was a sales representative for Bargreen Ellingson, where she managed accounts, inventory and sales. Mrs. Nolop helped to build a brand new customer base in a territory that was previously not utilized. As a mother of two, Mrs. Nolop continues to use her financial and organizational talents to raise thousands of dollars for local schools every year. She has an active role in procuring money and items needed to make the district successful. Mrs. Nolop has a degree in Accounting from Montana State University.