Radio Episodes
7/31/2015 love-human

Love Human

The Healing Whisper: A Return to Peace with host Dr. Mary Anne Chase
Special guest Betsy Thompson will be discussing her book Love Human which is a book about you; where you come from, where you are going Listen Now

7/10/2013 what-if-i

What if I?

Authentic Living
So, you are going through life making choices all day every day. Listen Now

6/27/2013 what-happens-if-

What Happens If ...

The Self Improvement Show
Betsy Tompson applies Newton's third law of motion to our daily lives. The law? Listen Now

3/11/2011 author-betsy-thompson

Author - Betsy Thompson

Spirituality – 101: The Missing College Course
Meet Betsy Thompson, author, teacher and transformational coach. Betsy will talk with Rev. Norma about her newly released book “Walking through Illusions” Listen Now

1/19/2011 taking-responsibility

Taking Responsibility

Authentic Living
One of the most important aspects of personal responsibility is that which we take by exploring our emotional reactions and responses. Listen Now