Hubert  Tang

Hubert Tang

Hubert Tang is a 24-year old wine sales associate at Vino Volo in the San Francisco Airport. He studied Hospitality in school and knew that was the general field in which he belonged. However, it wasn’t until he had the serendipitous opportunity to dine with a friend and culinary arts mentor who expertly paired the wine with the food that he discovered his specific passion of wine. It was that experience a few years ago that completely opened his eyes to the myriad of possibilities the world of wine had to offer. Today, he continues to develop his career at Vino Volo and voraciously studies and experiments with wine and food parings. His dream is to one day own and operate his own wine shop, offer a small but tasty food menu with a beautiful wine selection, and deliver on his mission to make wine more approachable to everyone, novices as well as seasoned consumers.