Katie  Cleary

Katie Cleary

Celebrity Animal Lover and Activist, Katie Cleary-Stern is the Founder/CEO of Peace 4 Animals. Founded in 2012, Katie founded the organization to help all animals that need our voice and to stand against the violation and exploitation that they face everyday. With so many animal welfare cases around the globe, It is Katie's mission to protect those who have no voice and respect all living things on this planet! She believes we are the voice of the voiceless animals around the world! Katie is making an impact by bringing awareness and justice to the barbaric acts of killing, abuse, neglect, and the inhumane treatment of all animals we share this planet with. Peace 4 Animal prides itself on their efforts to rescue, find homes and work to rehabilitate animals around the globe. Katie is a strong believer that that Animal abuse and cruelty is not fashionable. United together we must stand up for these animals. Visit http://peace4animals.net Watch http://www.give-me-shelter.com/