Sherita  Herring

Sherita Herring

As an astute speaker, best-selling author, radio personality, business strategist, and former City Council Candidate, Sherita continuously provides economic and business strategies for municipalities, school, churches, business owners and nonprofits. She has coached and mentored top global leaders, celebrities and athletes, i.e., former President of Mexico Vicente Fox; UN Ambassador Byron Blake; Oscar Winner Hilary Swank; NBA star Jalen Rose; NFL Great Jim Brown; Civil Rights Leader Myrlie Evers; Film Producer Bill Duke; Comedian Anthony Anderson and others. Through her skilled facilitation, she helps individuals find “profit for their passions”. Over the past 20 years she has established more than 600 businesses, while raising over $30 million in funding. Sherita uses her years of expertise to teach various strategies on ways to get your meaningful projects funded; while bringing awareness and clarity in relation to for-profit/nonpofit collaboration.