Kendra  Faye

Kendra Faye

Kendra Faye grew up in the Valley of the Moon, singing to the skies and oak tress and golden meadows. The cycles of nature have long inspired her path as a musical healer and deep listener. These tools have proven essential as she pioneers the field of therapeutic music at the thresholds of birth and death. In 2004 she began volunteering as a hospice harpist at Hospice by the Bay. She went on to become a Certified Sound Healing Therapist at CIIS and completed a year-long Integrative Medicine internship at California Pacific Medical Center, focusing on harp therapy at the hospital bedside. Kendra has been playing for patients, staff and family at Marin General Hospital since 2011 and is currently developing a 9 month training program to guide therapeutic musicians in hospice settings. She is preparing to release her first CD, "Gracenotes", funded by St. Joseph's Hospital to provide healing music to patients, staff and families. She is also a longtime yoga teacher and practitioner.