Dennison  DeGregor

Dennison DeGregor

Dennison DeGregor is the Worldwide Group Executive for CX Services at HP. He is responsible for next generation CX initiatives that change the way consumers access the brand, enabling the enterprise to drive business outcomes to new levels. Prior to HP, Dennis was the Chief Customer Officer at Bank of America, SVP and Chief CX Officer at Allstate, SVP and Chief CX Officer at Merrill Lynch and VP and Chief CX Officer at Qwest Communications. In his current role, he is responsible for CX strategy and operations that integrate people, process, Big Data, analytics, social, IofMe and digital customer care and marketing capabilities that drive the consumer-facing strategic transformation agenda. Dennis is the author of the breakthrough book, The Customer-Transparent Enterprise, which describes the new operating model required to engage and delight the 21st century social, mobile and digitally-connected consumer.