Jeff  Cioletti

Jeff Cioletti

As the author of the book, “The Year of Drinking Adventurously,” host of the weekly online beverage news show “The Drinkable Week, editor of Beverage World magazine, and creator of the blog,, Jeff Cioletti has been responsibly imbibing my way around the world. He joined Beverage World in January 2003 as senior editor and was promoted to editor in chief four years later. He currently serves as editor-at-large for the publication. He’s also a speaker at many beverage-related events and is available for such opportunities, as well as freelance writing assignments in the food and beverage space. Jeff’s tenure in liquid literacy has exposed him to some of the best libations the world has to offer and given him access to the producers and purveyors of such fine refreshments. He combines his love of drink with a passion for travel and one usually involves the other.