Ken  Rutkowski

Ken Rutkowski

I had the great fortune to be introduced to METal, the acronym for Media, Entertainment, Technology, alpha leaders, which comprises the top 1600 people across these fields. I first met Ken Rutkowski, the founder and host of this incredible four hour networking event featuring amazing guest speakers every single week. I'm not exaggerating when I say that METal has changed my life. Driving METal is an extraordinary achievement in itself but that is just the tip of the Ken Rutkowski juggernaut. Ken is a strategizer, advisor, confidant and mentor to many of the world’s leading technology business leaders, venture capitalists and investors, as well as being the host of what is the best and most influential business radio show in the world. Business Rockstars on the CBS radio network airs five days a week on over 140 radio stations across America to an audience of over 1 million business people. Ken has also interviewed an extraordinary 2800 of America's top business talent.