Edyne  Plancy

Edyne Plancy

Edyne Plancy is the CMO of the Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women. Edyne guides Purpose-Driven Women "In Transition" To Leverage their Skills, Raise their Value and Know their Worth. Edyne is also the curator of The Successful Sidekick Blackbook Magazine, a membership magazine that provides PROVEN WAYS TO STOP BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED, GETTING RECOGNIZED AND LEVERAGING YOUR SKILLS. If you are tired of being passed on for the promotions you deserve or you are not given credits for your work, then this membership magazine is for you. You will have relevant tips from successful business women, actionable tools, guides, training videos and fresh resources to help you take the secret steps from Invisible Sidekick to Highly Valued Leader. Edyne is the CEO of a successful website design company created in 2012 with three offices – Toronto – Vancouver and LA. With well over 15 years of corporate experience, I have worked with many iconic brands.