Andrew  Cousins

Andrew Cousins

Andrew Cousins is an international packaging entrepreneur, with a reputation internationally for bringing packaging customers and producers together for success. Andrew followed his father and founded his own firm during university, working on packaging projects in the rigid packaging industry. In 2008 he was asked to join Packsys Global in Switzerland, as packaging specialist in the international sales team. Travelling all over the world, he built packaging factories in countries as diverse as the Ukraine, India & Croatia. As he took up the entrepreneurial role again, his new wine packaging company took him to California, where he first “met” the flexible packaging market – namely stand-up pouches directly in an interesting project for Wine in stand-up pouches. Impressed by the range of options, he expanded into this new world, and soon wound up working with Cellpack Packaging, a dynamic Swiss firm, specializing in finding the solutions to impossible flexible packaging problems!