Sean  VanGerena

Sean VanGerena

Sean a single Dad, athlete, self employed, distance runner, Prior to his accident he successfully competed in 1/2 Ironman distance race. At 2 years he competed in Ironman in Florida, and at 3 years he won a Gold medal in the ITU Long Distance World Championship and was recruited to race Team USA After a life changing event November 2008, his resilient spirit and athletic drive continue to serve him, along with his love for life as he trains to run in the Paralympics 2016 representing the USA . Sean now an advocates for others about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) .His motto "Lie Down or Stand Up" He is the founder of his non profit organization please include 2 pics if possible Sean VanGerena/Facebook Sean VanGerena (@SeanVanGerena) Twitter Medial links: Team USA/ Paratriahlete Sean VanGerena- YouTube Sean VanGerena- Growing Bolder