Colin  Lively

Colin Lively

A protégé of beauty industry icons Kenneth Battelle, George Clay, and Leon Amendola, early in his career, Colin Lively drew lines of clients outside of the doors of the first hair salon that employed him. Colin opened “Today’s Headlines Salons” to accommodate this ever-increasing demand, effectively positioning him—and his salon—at the vanguard of the major U.S. cultural and political transformation of the 1970s. Colin pushed the boundaries and changed the culture of hair and style across Cleveland, Palm Beach and Seattle. He was then lured to New York City to serve as the Artistic Director for the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons, a role he assumed for ten years. Today, Colin is a personal hairstylist to the anointed heads of New York City, Cleveland, and Greensboro. He is also a speaker and consultant to the salon industry. Learn more about Colin at