Jim  Richardson

Jim Richardson

Jim is an entrepreneur, a designer, and creative thinker. Over the past 20 years he’s worked with some of Europe’s most prestigious cultural destinations to help them make better use of technology to engage their audiences. In 2011 he created a tool for developing an effective digital strategy with his colleague Jasper Visser called the Digital Engagement Framework (http://digitalengagementframework.com ). It is now used by hundreds of organizations around the world and is the subject of two books. In 2009, he organized a small event called MuseumNext which built on his interest in the future of museums. It has since grown to become a major international conference. The event started with a technological focus, but has now grown to cover everything from entrepreneurship to diversity, from politics to working internationally, although technology is still a key thread. Jim’s current work outside the conference includes a campaign to save UK museums from 40% funding cuts.