Eric H  Berko, Ph.D

Eric H Berko, Ph.D

Dr. Eric Berko is a licensed psychologist specializing in health psychology, with extensive experience in geriatrics. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from The Ohio State University and his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University at Albany. He has authored articles on geriatrics, anxiety disorders, pain management, collaborative health care and male communication patterns. He has appeared on television to discuss the psychological issues of aging. He has presented extensively on topics of geriatric psychology such as caregiver stress, dementia and behavior management. Dr. Berko has a private practice specializing in geriatric mental health. He is also the director of Behavioral Science in the Department of Family Medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. He has trained physicians, psychologists, counselors, and social workers, helping them understand the biological, psychological and social aspects of providing care.