Justin  Packshaw

Justin Packshaw

Justin Packshaw is a professional soldier, sportsman, explorer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. “In my life I have been lucky enough to go to the North and South Poles; stand on the top of Everest, sail for my country, cross East Africa on a motorbike and ride horses across Mongolia." An officer in the British Army and former equerry to HRH The Duchess of Kent, Justin has represented Britain in the Whitbread Round-the-World Yacht race, won a 450 mile unsupported man-hauling race to the Magnetic North Pole, and summited Mount Everest. Justin is the father of 2 children and the husband of Tamsin de Roemer, a noted designer and former model who is his business partner for the De Roemer label, which currently offers glamorous cashmere jumpers for both men and women, fine jewelry and handbags. Justin's advice “As you live every day, keep your eyes open, be nice to people, give back and make people better. Enjoy yourself, have absolute fun, there is nothing wrong with having fun."