Yarixa  Ferrao

Yarixa Ferrao

Yarixa Ferrao, A.K.A, Coach Yari (Ya-di) is a world renowned inspirational and powerful fitness personality featured on multiple TV and Media outlets such as MTV, CNN Espanol, Univision, Fitness Rx Radio and Woman’s Day Magazine. In a weight loss industry that’s overly focused on stress and extremes, Coach Yari brings a refreshing and loving conversation about weight loss. An inspired innovator and a spiritual “SoulBody” teacher known for her amazing body transformations in a 14+ year career, offers The SoulBody Method ™- A freeing and soulful fitness approach that replaces the cookie cutter, depriving & restrictive traditional weight loss and body shaping programs WITHOUT calorie counting, harsh dieting or excessive exercise resulting in a faster body transformations that are actually sustainable.