Julie and Seth  Palmer

Julie and Seth Palmer

Using Tragedy for Transformation--A local couple is inspired to start a summer camp for disabled kids after learning of their own son’s devastating diagnosis. Julie Palmer knew almost immediately that something was different about her son, Eli. After a battery of tests and extreme emotional upheaval, doctors determined that her little boy had central core disease (CCD). It’s not considered fatal, but the disease (mostly characterized by muscle weakness) would be lifelong. While many people would have fallen into despair, Julie and her husband, Seth, refused to allow their son’s diagnosis to destroy their happiness. Instead they decided to walk the path of healing and share it with others in the form of a summer camp for disabled children. "We want to show disabled children that they can turn whatever they’re dealing with into a blessing," said Seth Palmer. “It is delightful for us to share our dream, excitement and life's mission that is Camp Firebug.