Dr. Muffit  Jensen

Dr. Muffit Jensen

Dr. Muffit Jensen owns and operates Integrated Wellness Solutions, a holistic wellness center in Burbank / California. Her practice focuses on finding the cause of a person’s symptom or problem. Instead of just trying to mask the problem, Dr. Jensen finds the root causes. Whether the problem is physical, biochemical, emotional or spiritual, Dr. Jensen has the tools to help the patient regain control of their life. She does this using many techniques and systems she has learned and incorporated in her 25 years of practice. Dr. Jensen is a retired highly regarded clinician professor, author and research associate working for Cleveland Chiropractic College from 1990-2011. Besides her practice, Dr. Jensen enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, cooking, craft making and playing guitar. She is also a wife and mother of two wonderful teen children. Dr. Muffit Jensen, DC, CKTP / 2116 N. Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 1, Burbank, CA 91352, 818-558-5613, drmuffitjensen.com