Alexis  Gonzales-Black

Alexis Gonzales-Black

Alexis Gonzales-Black is the Co-Founder of Thoughtful Org Partners, a consultancy specializing in transitioning companies from traditional management hierarchies to adaptive organizational models, like Holacracy. Prior to Thoughtful Org, Alexis spent three years at leading College Recruiting, Holacracy Implementation, and Diversity initiatives. At Zappos Alexis leveraged her background in education, training, and talent to build a force of over 80 internal Holacracy facilitators and advocates to lead the implementation of Holacracy across the company. Alexis graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in Biology, and spent five years with the national nonprofit, Teach For America. In 2012 Alexis ran a campaign and was elected to represent Congressional District 1 on the Nevada State Board of Education where she served for two and a half years. Alexis lives in the Bay Area where she remains passionate about making the world a more awesome and equitable place.