Dennis "3D" Scott

Dennis Scott is a retired NBA player. A 6'8" small forward from Georgia Tech, and the 1989-90 ACC Men's Basketball Player of the Year, Scott was selected by the Orlando Magic with the fourth pick of the 1990 NBA draft after being the leading scorer on a Yellow Jackets team that made the Final Four. Scott spent the majority of his career with the Magic, earning the nickname 3-D for his ability to consistently make long three-point field goal attempts. Until the drafting of Shaq in 1992, Scott was a leading scorer for the Magic. In 1995-96 Scott set an NBA single-season three-point field goal tally with 267. He also set the NBA record for most three pointers made in a single game with 11 in 1996. Dennis was honored by the Magic in 2006 for outstanding accomplishments in his career. Scott is a role model for teens who are striving to achieve their dreams, and an example for young people.