Xeron  Pledger

Xeron Pledger

Xeron is an entrepreneur, writer, business owner, program facilitator, and public speaker. He currently is the Congressional Liaison and Projects Coordinator for Congressman Hank Johnson. He has worked under the umbrellas of Motown, BET, Gladys Knight, and others. Xeron has worked directly with city boards, educational boards, schools, non-profits, and state agencies. He has even operated his own mentoring organization through the University System of Georgia. Xeron’s career path and success was discovered through his passion for people, building relationships, and creatively communicating through writing, facilitating, public speaking, and music. Xeron is passionate about providing opportunities for people (young and old) who wish to excel. He wants people to realize that through preparation, opportunities and a blessed pathway, they can accomplish anything. He carries the load of his leadership responsibilities with pride and continues to work to make strides to affect his community