Dr. Josef  Packowski

Dr. Josef Packowski

Josef Packowski is co-founder and CEO of the CAMELOT Consulting Group, a management consultancy for value chain management focusing on the pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer goods industry. CAMELOT started in the US and Germany 20 years ago and is today an internationally operating partner organization with over 1,400 consultants. Since 1992 Josef dedicated his professional mission to consulting and supply chain management (SCM) where he holds a doctoral degree in business and information technology. He is actively involved as a lecturer for SCM at the Mannheim Business School. He is a recognized visionary leader for supply chain management and has worked with designated industry clients throughout the globe. Due to his industry expertise, Josef is a regular speaker at international supply chain conferences. A recent area of focus has been his latest publication "LEAN Supply Chain Planning” envisioning a paradigm change in planning and coordinating Supply Chains.