Amiee  Mueller

Amiee Mueller

From poverty to profitability, from lonely to loveable and from angry to awesome is the story of Amiee Mueller. Amiee grew up in a small town and in a broken family. Following a tough childhood including neglect, poverty and abuse, she left home in hopes of a better way of living. After graduating at the top of her college class, Destination Awesome author Amiee Mueller opened her first business. Experiencing award-winning success and earning six figures by age twenty-five, she began mentoring other young adults and has helped over a thousand on their paths to personal and professional success. Mueller is a sought-after speaker and trainer, the founder of―which helps people achieve personal, professional, and academic success, an advisory board member for the Front Row Foundation, and vice president of Vast Action, Inc., a company dedicated to the success and support of entrepreneurs.