Rosie  Babin

Rosie Babin

As the mother of a severely wounded warrior, “Rosie” Babin knows first-hand the challenges that service members and their families face after they’ve been wounded and what the caregivers face when taking care of a severely wounded patient. She herself faced many paths with no clear direction and many ‘No’s’ from places she turned to for help after her son was critically wounded in Iraq in 2003. She is an Army veteran herself and a former paralegal and firm administrator. She continues to care for her wounded son full-time but felt led to put her experience to work to help other combat wounded, and their families. As Founder and CEO of, she helps families through their transition and provides them with direct assistance, resources and support. She speaks before civic and veterans groups to inspire and motivate them to fill the gaps where the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration fall short in meeting the needs of our combat veterans.