Dr. Jacqueline  Chan

Dr. Jacqueline Chan

Dr. Jacqueline Chan is an Integrative Holistic Medical Physician that uses cutting edge lab work based on the principles of quantum physics to identify root causes of fatigue and diseases. She applies medicinal herbal tinctures, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones, osteopathic cranio-sacral therapy and intuition/energy medicine to optimize the body’s inherent healing forces. Dr. Chan is Board Certified in Holistic Integrative Medicine, Board Eligible in Family Practice and Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. Dr. Chan has a Master’s Certification in Intuition Medicine and was a presenter for Dr. Oz as a panelist in 2009. She has done Community TV in San Rafael, CA and Central Ohio and is in 'Who’s Who' among Medicine Award Recipients.