Rachel  Disselkamp

Rachel Disselkamp

Rachel Disselkamp is President and former Chief Learning Officer of the Association of Workforce Asset Management (AWAM), where she helps workforce management professionals achieve a recognizable standard of competency. To earn the Certification in Workforce Asset Management (CWAM) designation, candidates enroll in a 14-module online learning course and complete a 3-part certification curriculum. In creating this new certification program, Rachel brings the collective expertise of a board of time and labor management experts to bear on the very detailed and technical intricacies of certifying experts in the developing and deploying of workforce management systems. The Workforce Asset Management Professional (WAM-Pro) Program not only teaches candidates how to use workforce management (WFM) technology for compliance or cost savings, it also enables them to use the technology as a strategic planning tool. WAM-Pros use technology strategically, not as simplistic plug-and-play products.