Moira  Shepard

Moira Shepard

International Abundance Expert Moira Shepard is the author of “Top 10 Ways to Be a Love and Money Magnet.” Moira supports women in feeling worthy of having Abundance, which makes it much easier to create and sustain an abundant life. She specializes in guiding coaches, healers, leaders, lightworkers and visionaries to shed the self-doubt and low self-worth that keeps them from living their passion and purpose. As a transformational teacher, Moira activates Abundance breakthroughs in telesummits, blogs, articles, radio shows, workshops and private sessions with clients from Los Angeles to London. Clients, listeners and readers report feeling deep transformations in their energy, attitude and behavior after just one session with Moira. After 20 years in the healing arts, Moira cherishes the privilege of supporting thousands of people in living their dreams – including you, if you’re willing.