Joe  La Salle

Joe La Salle

At the age of 14, the young athlete lost the use of both legs after surgery on his knees went tragically awry. Retreating into his own private world of despair for nearly four years, Joe emerged ready to tame the shrew within himself. He tackled all opportunities through a series of goals that helped to rebuild both his self-confidence and self-esteem. Being in the best physical condition was his first goal as he began working out 2 hours a day and pushing his chair 10 - 20 miles daily. Subsequently he completed the 88’ and 89’ LA Marathons; qualified for the Boston Marathon; and he was featured in the 1990 September issue of IronMan Magazine and a flurry of other publications. To satisfy his love for music he began competitive wheelchair break-dancing and writing music. Joe shares, “My purpose in life is to choose optimism when confronted with obstacles. When we turn obstacles into opportunities they become our blessings.” To learn more visit